About ClassGo

Our Story

ClassGo is at the head of a transportation revolution. The owner of our company has been in this industry for over 10 years, and has a passion for proving the finest chauffeur services in Italy.

He recognized that there was a gap in the market between the expensive and unreliable taxi service and the luxurious but not affordable limousine services for the few. The result? ClassGo, an innovative black car hire solution that is changing the industry in Italy.

Our Mission

ClassGo seeks to harness the power of the “sharing economy”. We know that customers have many different opportunities with this new form of booking, and so we hope to give something back and make their ClassGo booking experience as convenient as possible.

Being able to book a car with driver in Italy in just 3 clicks? That’s the ClassGo service revolution. We believe in providing excellent quality and going the extra mile for people of all budgets.

Our Vision

We feel like everyone in Italy will be able to book something more than a taxi like a real chauffeured car experience without stress or hassle. We aim to provide efficient, convenient and comfortable transportation to people of all budgets in just 3 clicks – that’s the ClassGo way.

Used it four times and they always sent black new Mercedes, safe drivers too.


Total peace of mind. Booked in Rome, the guy spoke English and suggested us a nice restaurant too.


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