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Are you new in town and in need of a suitable car to take you around town, to your hotel or a specific destination? Or are you in need of a car for any other reason, be it marriage, group tour, etc.?

Then the right place to visit is Classgo where you are sure of getting highly comfortable and reliable cars to suit even large groups. We equally have well-experienced drivers who know the city well.

The success of the activities you intend to carry out in a city can be affected from the very moment you arrive in the city. Once you become stranded at the airport, bus or train station due to delay by a rental service or your pick-up car is not comfortable or breaks down while taking you to your destination; you become immediately upset especially when you have an appointment upon arrival. Considering the fact that it usually takes most people a lot of time to compose themselves back after being tense, it will be best for you only to allow Classgo to pick you up to enjoy a comfortable, reliable and affordable ride.

Besides providing you with quality pick-up services and taking you around town, we equally provide high quality customised services in the following:

Wedding Transport Services

We provide reliable and professional transport services for couples and even their relatives on their wedding day. Keeping in mind that a great majority of people only get married once in their lives, we dedicate most of our efforts to make sure we contribute positively to giving this day a life lasting memory for you. We do this by providing couples with the most comfortable and luxurious cars at the most affordable price. With us, you are sure of a wedding free from any disappointment with regards to transportation.

Luxury Transport services

We offer transportation services for those who want to enjoy great comfort and create a good first-time impression on important business appointments and meetings. We have the cars that will be able to help you create whatever impression you will like your business partners and others to have about you just the moment you arrive at a meeting or an appointment. With well trained and neatly dressed drivers who are well oriented to take care of high-end clients, you will be doing yourself a lot of good if you allow us to show the world what an important personality you are.

Group Transport Services

Our services extend to a large group of individual or large families who want to move around town together and visit some interesting sites. We have affordable and comfortable cars for such groups. Our cars will keep you relaxed and comfortable as you move around town with your colleagues, friends or family members. We choose cars with a comfortable interior design that will help build an interactive and interesting tour.

We equally go beyond these services to satisfy clients who want car rental services for other purposes.

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