ClassGo App Brings Innovation To How You Travel

The idea of travel apps that lets users find convenient and safe travel instantly is widely accepted across the world as the new order of things in the transport industry.

Like other similar apps, the ClassGo app allows you to request a trip using your smartphone. Once you make the request through your smartphone, the software automatically alerts the closest ClassGo driver around you and provides your pickup location to the driver. The ClassGo app offers a service that provides an automatic calculation of the fare to be paid by the passenger making it easy for passengers to know what to pay. The ClassGo app is following in the footsteps of other similar companies that created a big shift in the transport industry after their launch.

ClassGo offers safe and luxurious car travel services aimed at taking you somewhere or to someone as soon as possible by linking the nearest ClassGo car to you. ClassGo is a safer option to other similar companies that have forced governments and taxi companies to challenge their legality. Most of such legalities lie in the fact that such companies use drivers who don’t have a license that permit them to drive a taxi, making it illegal and unsafe for passengers.

Surge pricing is something common with other apps offering services similar to ClassGo especially in peak traffic periods. When dealing with ClassGo you don’t have to worry about surge pricing. Our service is transparent with no hidden charges.

For a convenient and luxurious car travel consider using ClassGo. With ClassGo’s innovative and user-friendly app you can make your travel arrangements instantly and stress-free. No waiting in the queue, just a simple and effective one touch booking service using your smartphone. The ClassGo app is open for free download in the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users. Windows users can also get the app for free.

ClassGo makes it easy for customers to enjoy luxury travel from the convenience of their smartphones. Irrespective of your travel requirements, you can use the ClassGo app to do everything from booking a luxury car to arranging a pickup or drop off location and time. ClassGo also boasts a personal concierge service to assist with booking hotels, restaurants, events, etc. for free. Yes, that’s right, you get a free concierge service when you book your car travel with ClassGo. How cool is that?

For your safety and a guarantee that you are dealing with a licensed taxi driver who is aware of all the ethics in the profession, visit ClassGo to get a taxi that will take you to your destination hassle free. By making a reservation with us, you can be sure of having a car waiting for you minutes before your pickup time. With ClassGo, you can enjoy all the services from Lyft plus an extra layer of comfort that comes with being driven by experienced drivers who know the city extremely well.

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